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The Archetypes- First Generation
(Archetypes I)

Amanda Pennington has just lost her brilliant father-a geneticist, physician and bioengineer. As she and her longtime friend, Benjamin "Beans" Carter, begin to wade through the lab journals and notebooks left behind by Dr. Leonard Pennington, they discover shocking information that changes their lives forever. Both of them are products of Pennington's tinkering in his lab, his attempts to create the ultimate archetypes. Both of them have unique powers and abilities that set them apart from normal human beings. With their lives endangered by unknown enemies, Ami and Beans forge an ironclad bond as they seek to untangle the webs of lies, deceit, deceptions, and manipulations that have shadowed their lives.

The Archetypes- Shockwaves
(Archetypes II)

Amanda and Benjamin "Beans" Rex are plunged back into the complicated webs of lies and deceit that her megalomaniac late father left behind. While trying to find answers, they area under attack from the Renfield family, archenemies of the Rex family. Together they try to deal with a devastating loss, injuries, shocking revelations about what the late Leonard Pennington did when he created them and how it could destroy everything they have accomplished if Amanda can't develop a serum that will save them all. Their marriage is strained, their close bond tested as the showdown approaches that could mean the end for Benjamin and a future spent in hiding for Amanda, who must protect their children from a truly evil man at all costs.

Christmas Stories

Yuletide Stories
(Volume I)

In this volume of nine Christmas stories that range from traditional to inspiration to contemporary- you'll meet a young woman whose prayers are answered on Christmas Eve, a young lady who loses everything but manages to have her best Christmas ever, the rowdy Riley family whose children get up to some holiday mischief, a little girl who finds a silver sleigh bell that she believes belongs to one of Santa's reindeer, a fish-out-of-water New York City director who arrives in Maine to direct a production of A Christmas Carol, a department store CEO whose customer service rep is loaded with holiday spirit, an entire town that gathers on Christmas Eve with no pastor to lead their service, and a widow and her little girl whose holiday is made merrier by a kind stranger.

Always Christmas in My Heart
(Volume II)

Six holiday stories explore the heart of Christmas. The Riley family is revisited on another Christmas when middle child, Carmine, is in a funk when he doesn't receive the one thing he wanted most for Christmas. During the Depression a family struggles with what looks to be a bleak, joyless Christmas in Paper Chains. In Finding Christmas, a middle-aged couple examines current holiday trends while trying to preserve their own family traditions. The CEO of a toy company is called on the carpet by Santa himself in A Modern Christmas Tale. Young widow Mary Murphy and her daughter Molly are revisited for Christmas 1952 as Molly tried to give her mother what she thinks is the best gift she can offer her. In The Winter Solstice Ball, the son of a dying resort hotel owner creates a stir with his attitude and behavior when he arrives to take control of the business until he falls under the spell of the Public Relations/Events Manager.

Together for the Holidays
(Volume III)

Seven holiday tales are gathered in this volume. The Riley family is revisited as Chili portrays an elf in the school play and teenaged Ruby receives her first romantic kiss. A family expecting a fiberglass camel to compliment their church's Living Nativity receive a surprise. The Christmas Spirit is a holiday ghost story about redemption. A young woman witnesses violence between a father and son when she volunteers to make wreaths at a family farm yet finds love and the path to her future there. A talented guitarist auditions for a dream job with an Irish band. A young family is helped by an elderly widow at Christmas. And Santa's son orders his first red velvet suit as he prepares to take over from his father and finds love at Jack Frost's tailor shop.

Contemporary Fiction


A collection of stories in which the characters face challenges and struggle to overcome them. A newly published author deals with leaving her family behind for the first time as she goes on her first book signing tour. The wife of a police officer worries about her husband on the day of his best friend's funeral. A truck driver finds a child on the side of the road one night and make a decision that will change both of their livers. The lives of two young people fleeing abusive homes intersect, setting them along an unchartered course neither expected to follow. We are all flawed. We all face challenges. We all want to find someone who cares about us- flaws, quirks, and all. Includes bonus children's story Prince Hubert, the Chicken from the First Publicity Tour.

Haunting Tales


13 tales of ghostly hauntings, the supernatural, and psychological unease await you within. A Long Island ghost haunts a writer. Death comes to call. A madman stalks a woman through time. The sea seeks to claim all the men in a seacoast village family. A woman witnesses a supernatural event in her own backyard. The fine line that keeps us civilized is stretched taut by a teenager's rude gesture. A girl has a chilling encounter with a scarecrow one night...and more.

Miss Peculiar's Ghost Stories, Volume I

In these 16 ghostly tales, you'll meet- a writer who invites a ghost into her home, a young woman who finds she has an unexpected roommate, a young mother who confronts an angry ghost, a psychic medium whose dead lover seeks to inhabit the body of a journalist, a ghost who haunts an Irish pub's cellar, a little ghost in a cemetery, an elderly woman who needs to tie up a loose end, an old man and his beloved canine companion, an heiress who fulfills her late great-grandfather's wish- among other spirits that haunt these stories.

Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I 

Six tales of suspense or the supernatural are presented here. One will meet a young lady at a crossroad in her life who has attracted the attention of a dark stranger at a Maine coastal inn in Shifting Sands. In All Souls Night, a mute young woman who has been ill-treated by her family meets an author who will re-write her life. A lonely girl makes a strange and curious friend within her unhappy home in Drakes Fall Manor. A man suffering from ennui and depression realizes his prized collection is dwindling due to neglect and must face a bitter truth in Blackstone's Menagerie. A pre-med student with an interest in the paranormal attends a party where she discovers a startling truth about herself in Halloween at the Victoria Wayfarer InnBlack Rose relates the story of a dispirited girl with a unique heritage who finds a surprising soulmate among her classmates.

Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume II 

Three haunting novellas are presented here for your enjoyment. In The Magic of Cross and Crowe, Vegas magician Simon Crowe has embraced the culture of Sin City much to the chagrin of his long time partner in magic, Sebastian Cross. Only now, Crowe needs a new assistant for his act. He chooses small town New England girl Tessie "Pepper" Rumford, who is vacationing in Vegas with her parents. Will Crowe destroy the young lady or will he find what he seeks, what will settle him down and allow him to find happiness at long last? In The Girl with the Ivy Tattoo, mortician Adrian Frey-Dayne assists newly hired Eveleen Glenrowan when her father is killed in a gruesome accident. Adrian has a tattoo on his arm, done by Jack Glenrowan when he was fresh out of college. He also has a secret. Will his secret drive Eveleen away? In Thunderheads, a young woman discovers a mysterious young man living in the attic of her home. Will he be her salvation or her doom?

Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume III

Eight supernatural and suspenseful tales are collected in this volume. In Karpov Live, vampires are being outed in Europe with disastrous results for a talk show host who likes to provoke and shock her guests. A groups of bored college students decide to hunt for ghosts in the cemetery across the street in Cemetery Crawl. A young woman discovers that she shares her apartment with a ghost in Jessica's Roommate. In Metaphysical Attraction, a psychic medium parts the veil to allow his late lover to take over the body of a female journalist. The ghost haunting the basement of an Irish pub finally meets his match in McCleary's Haunt. Death flirts with an anorexic high school girl in the chilling Everything Between is Gray. A dying young girl discovers who and what she really is in A Transformation. In Dark Magic, a police officer tangles with white witches and an evil warlock.


The Fairlawn Investigation
Amberton Paranormal Investigation I

The Amberton Paranormal Investigation Society, led by Dr. Vison Beeler of Hawthorn University's Kensington Parapsychology Research Center, is busy investigating a haunted Second Empire mansion where a young girl is being frightened by a number of spirits. Dr. Beeler's second team of investigators, led by Tracy Beck, is ghost hunting in an old waterfront warehouse that is now a popular brew pub and restaurant overlooking beautiful Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. While dealing with numerous ghosts, the investigators also have real life problems to cope with including a death in the family, a break-in and arson at a theater under renovation, an attempted murder, and various personal issues. Meanwhile, Beck is having dreams that are leaving him with an uneasy feeling that something supernatural is going on in his own life.

The Victoria Wayfarer Investigation
Amberton Paranormal Investigation II

The Amberton Paranormal Investigation Society, led by Doctor Vinson Beeler of Hawthorn University's Kensington Parapsychology Research Center, is preparing to investigate a haunted inn on the coast of Maine. Lead investigator, Tracy Beck, has been assigned to interview a young woman who works in the baking kitchen at the inn because she is purported to be able to communicate with at least one of the inn's multiple ghosts. Grayson Cole is different from any other girl Beck's ever met. As his relationship with fellow investigator Willoughby Case continues to crumble, he finds himself attracted to the girl who can speak to ghosts. Before their budding romance can fully bloom, a shocking murder is committed that rocks them all, but Beck is the most deeply affected. Strange things are happening at the inn- during the investigation and immediately after, which leads to Beck's departure from A.P.I.S. and leaves the other investigators wondering exactly what happened in Maine.

Paranormal Romance

My Magical Life

Evangeline Teale is living a quiet life in Maplewood where she works at an insurance agency. She is a witch, but not too many people are aware of this. One October evening, a mysterious man appears in her kitchen. Suddenly, she is drawn into a plot to murder her mother, a quest to find an ancient grimoire, and a battle with a powerful vampire- all because of the man whom she has loved throughout her many lifetimes. He is the same man her father has killed repeatedly before her very eyes. She's eliminated her father- now can she rid herself of her wicked witch mother, find the grimoire, defeat the evil vampire,  and bring about the long-awaited happily ever after for herself and her one true love?


Vampires have been the stuff of local legend and lore for centuries in central Europe. But, eight years ago, vampires began to be outed, creating terror and unrest. Organizations, such as the Silver Sword Society, came into being. Vigilantes took to hunting down and slaying the monsters in their midst. Gradually, the tide of fear and intolerance has been turning, although there are still those who cannot tolerate vampires living among them. When talk show hostess Dimitra Chernova throws two rival vampires together on her television program, Dimitra After Dark, she sets in motion a power struggle between the reigning vampire king and the vampire who will stop at nothing to usurp the throne- a struggle that places a young human female at risk of losing her life, as she has just become the mistress of the reigning king.

Talon: An Intimate Familiarity
(Talon I)

Fiery red-haired Bryce Briscoe meets frosty Dr. Giles Talon with the ice-blue eyes and raven hair- a man very similar to the one a gypsy fortune teller told her she was destined to marry. Bryce has always been different, labeled a freak by her own family. But she has a strong attraction to the frosty doctor she cannot deny. He doesn't seem to care much for her. Bryce has a heart aching for love that he keeps shattering. Their relationship is volatile, rife with misunderstandings. He's not been completely honest with her, but when he nearly loses her, he finally reveals a startling truth that explains why Bryce is so different from her peers, and everyone else. And she discovers that the chilly doctor does indeed harbor a burning passion for her that matches her own for him.

Talon: A Sense of Familiarity
(Talon II)

Bryce Briscoe, newly aware of her place in the world and the realms beyond, and pregnant by her Medical Examiner/grim reaper fiance, has moved in with Dr. Giles Talon, who encourages her to mend her tattered relationships with her family members. While on a romantic birthday getaway, a rogue reaper infects Bryce with a  toxin that will compel her to kill Talon. An old friend returns to earth to aid Talon in finding an antidote since the couple remain locked out of Heaven. Bryce and Talon must deal with a shift in power and position. Also, Bryce still has a wedding date to set because their son is not going to wait until Christmas to be born.

Talon: The Familiarity of it All
(Talon III)

As their wedding date approaches, Bryce Briscoe and her Medical Examiner/grim reaper fiance must cope with their two month old son, an increase in attacks by demons as emotions run high, an unforeseen death, and a second even more shocking death, in addition to all the last minute details involved in making their wedding happen on Valentine's Day as planned. Bryce is viciously attacked and once again rocks the heavens with her unorthodox ways, resulting in her being taken away from Talon and brought before the High Council only days before the wedding. Will she be removed forever from her reaper's side? Or will Dr. Talon finally wed his unconventional portal who has already given him his son?

Talon: Finding the Familiar
(Talon IV)

Jamie-Milena Talon is a college senior working toward her degree in funeral service management when her rivalry with another fencing team member leads to a Halloween night rapier dual that ends in her death. Well, it would have except  that she's the daughter of two supernatural beings, and Darach Blackmoor is the sixth son of Satan. When Milena reveals that she is in love with Darach, and he admits he loves her, they and her family are set on a harrowing path as they battle the devil and his five other sons while helping Darach petition for Redemption before the High Council and the Throne of One. Will Jamie and Darach survive and be able to fulfill their pre-ordained destiny? Or will the devil win this war and divide the young lovers for all eternity?


Auspicious Beginnings
A Sweet Hearts Collection

Gathered here is a collection of thirteen stories in which the main characters find love in unexpected ways. From a law office receptionist who verbally spars with a junior partner, to a French baker who suddenly finds himself out from under the thumb of his overbearing mother, to a young woman with psychic ability about to leap off a cliff who is visited by her guardian angel, to a widow whose calico cat plays matchmaker, you will find a variety of ordinary people discovering love during the course of their everyday lives in places they least expect to find it.

Bending Birches

Bending Birches is two connected novellas that explore the relationship between a college English professor and a student. Jordan James is close to graduating from Bircham College. This is her final year as editor-in-chief of the college arts and literary magazine, Bending Birches. Just as a sex scandal erupts in the English department, Professor Lockwood must find a way to let Jordan know how he feels about her. In Seventh Year Itch, Died Lockwood and Jordan James have been married nearly seven years, have a son named Charlie, and are basically living separate lives- he in Amherst, she in Stockbridge. A terrible accident makes them realize that they need to find a way to merge their two homes in order to save everything they both hold so dear to their hearts.

Cupid's Darts
A Sweet Hearts Collection

Cupid's Darts gathers a collection of 15 sweet little romances in which one will find old romances being rekindled and new romances blossoming. A young man returns to town looking for the girl he had to leave behind. A young woman, who accidentally locks her sick puppy in her car, misdials a number and is rescued by a  good samaritan. The bored best man at a wedding takes a bold risk. An unconventional girl attends the funeral of a former classmate's relative and creates a stir. A widower in his sixties takes a bride. A window washer finds love on the 19th floor of a skyscraper; and more. Cupid draws his bow and launches his darts at the hearts of those who least expect to find love- and love finds them.

Life, Death, Love, Cats & Dogs

A collection of nine romance stories in which kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs play a role in bringing couples together. Whether it be a bedraggled stray kitten found on a doorstep, a sick puppy locked in a running vehicle on a cold winter morning, loyal dogs helping their owners find love, kittens healing wounded hearts, ghostly pets helping save their master's life or bringing two young people together, this collection will warm cat and dog lovers hearts alike. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love of our feline and canine companions.

Life Skills

Lissa Beresford is a young woman from an apparently perfect family, but she has a terrible secret. Remy Brice is a young man who has had a rough beginning in life. He's been struggling to better himself for nearly a decade now. He and Lissa were once paired as a "married couple" in a class called Life Skills in high school. Out of school for three years, Lissa suddenly spills her terrible secret to Remy, setting them on a journey that will test the life skills they learned in school as they struggle to forge a life together while tackling issues similar to the ones they received as Life Challenges in class. Remy hadn't applied himself in class, but he's the only one Lissa can rely on now. Is friendship, trust, and love enough to hold them together as life throws one challenge after another in their path? Remy has a few issues of his own, however, he's determined not to lose the only girl he's ever truly loved. Will his love be enough to save Lissa from the trauma of her past? Remy is going to have to apply all the life skills that he's acquired, and so will Lissa, as they seek the right road that will lead them to their happily ever after.

Love Me Knots
A Sweet Hearts Collection

Five stories about finding true love. In Stage Stop, a photojournalist travels west to document a ghost town owned by a crust older man who has become estranged from his sons after the death of his wife. A young woman from wealth and privileged balks at being forced to marry an abusive, self-centered man just to satisfy their fathers' greed in Making the Right Choice. A young man returns to his home town where he discovers the girl next door is the one who holds the key to his heart in Sweetheart Lake. In Flintlock & Scalpel, a female doctor is rudely awakened one night by a man dressed as a British soldier from Colonial times. Can this man from the past, who has stumbled through a warp in time, heal her broken heart? In Not Always Black and White, a couple who have broken up in the past rediscover their love for one another and realize that they have a future together after all.

The Subtlety of Light and Shadow

Young Lucie Palmer lands her dream job at a prestigious Adirondacks art gallery owned by a dark, damaged, and difficult man, Rex Royce, who nonetheless intrigues her. From the very first day, things do not go smoothly for Lucie. As she struggles to fit in at Perspectives, she finds herself getting deeper and deeper into hot water with her employer. Yet, Lucie and Royce are drawn to one another, despite his attempts to keep her at a distance. When another artist, with a simmering grudge against Royce, places Lucie's life in danger, emotions, already stretched taut, reach a breaking point. Royce stands on the verge of losing the only woman he has ever trusted with his secrets, the only woman whom he has ever trusted with his heart. And Lucie is afraid that she has lost the only man she will ever love.

Urban Fantasy

An OZMA AWARDS 2016 Finalist

On a rainy September night, Ivy Greenaway answers a phone call that will change the course of her life. The caller is Romney Sharpe, her older sister Holly's on-again off-again boyfriend, who happens to be a dark warlock. Ivy is a white witch and a druidess. Before she knows it, she's been marked by Romney as his property and drawn into a war against his evil, black witch sister, Rayna, who's already had their father murdered and tried to have him killed, too. Romney is now the King of the black arts practitioners. Ivy is his chosen Queen. A black arts king has never taken a white arts queen before- and lived. Will they be able to unite black arts and white arts practitioners in this war to protect the significant treasure that Romney, as King, has become the guardian of? With little time to organize and train family, friends, acquaintances, and recruited dark arts and white arts practitioners, Romney and Ivy face an uncertain future. With Rayna determined to kill him, Romney will have to rely upon his gentle, kindhearted  queen to cast a death spell upon him, should it come to that, in order to keep the treasure out of Rayna's hands. Will Ivy find the strength within herself to kill the man she loves when he asks her to? Or will the megalomaniacal Rayna destroy them both and, ultimately, destroy the world in doing so?

Black Knight, White Rook

Romney Sharpe and his wife, Ivy, have lived in relative peace for two years since defeating his  megalomaniacal sister in her bid to wrest power from him. They've been raising their son, Ezra, and working hard toward uniting black and white practitioners of witchcraft, striving to end the intolerance that has existed for centuries between the two groups. On the night of her twenty-third birthday, Ivy has a terrifying prophetic dream that heralds the return of her sister who had turned against them. Holly has not come back alone. She has married a man who wants control of the magical treasure trove that Romney, as King of practitioners in this country, is duty bound to protect with his life. Wheaton Trowbridge wants Romney, Ivy, and any other potential Sharpe heir dead. He will stop at nothing to wrest Ezra, the Prince, from his parents. Romney and Ivy's relationship is severely tested by Trowbridge's evil machinations, but the young couple is irrevocably bound to one another by the ancient rituals they performed prior to their marriage. There is also the fact that they have a preordained destiny to fulfill in this lifetime. Family, friends, both old and new, one of whom emerges as the black knight who protects the Queen, and an albino rook will assist them along the difficult path they trod while trying to protect their son and remain alive themselves

Young Adult


Medea has successfully forsaken her past, her heritage, for a number of years, putting distance between herself and her toxic, evil mother. One day she is kidnapped off the street and forced to help her debonair yet terrifying abductor enact revenge upon her mother whether she wants to or not. He abductor is soon revealed to be one of her mother's murdered lovers, yet he is not quite dead. She discovers that a number of these undead lovers are joining forces to assist her in her assigned task. They present a challenge to a young, unseasoned witch, forcing her to find her own true self, her own true destiny. While Sinobia continues her murderous string of love affairs, absorbing power along the way, Medea and her little band of re-animated corpses prepare for an epic battle between good and evil. With help from her powerful father and a younger sister she has never known, Medea faces off with her mother with the knowledge that only one of them will survive.

Young Reader

Halloween Story

Halloween Story is a coming of age tale about a twelve-year old witch named Isabel Doorlin whose mother allows her to accompany her to Devil's Tor where she is initiated into the local coven. The new young witch then returns home where her Aunt Selena has been handing out Halloween treats to trick-or-treaters. When a girl who has been unfriendly toward Isabel shows up on her doorstep and asks for help, the young witch has choices to make. Will she be a good witch or a bad witch?

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