Saturday, November 21, 2015

NaNo Novel Done!

I finished writing my NaNo novel last night close to midnight. I was going to quit, went and updated my word count, then decided there really wasn't that much more to write, a couple of hundred words, and just sat down and got it done. Then, because I was so brain fried and tired I went back in and updated me word count, using the full word count (what I had previously posted and what the ending word count was now being combined because they were added together-spiking my word count up into the 234,000plus range! Yikes! I knew I had to fix that mistake and fast or quite a few people in western MA would be squawking Saturday morning about my word count jumping up 117,000plus words in one day! I'd have thrown the western MA writers graph way out of whack!! I finally found where I could edit my novel word count (I had already validated my novel for a win.) I typed in the 117,129 figure and it dropped my bar graph back down to where it should have been. This evening Kelly showed me where else I had to fix it to make everything right again for the state word count.

I am just glad it's done. Remy and Lissa have told their story. It wasn't the one they were going to tell originally, but this is the one they wanted to tell. You can't stop your characters from telling their own story, all you can do is more or less take dictation as their voices come into your head. It's done. They're happy. I'm happy.

Now I can  get back to doing the final round of edits on the published books to make them as perfect as possible . I'm slowly getting there while waiting for my copyright applications from the Library of Congress to be approved for all 16 books I self-published this summer and earlier in the fall.

And now, with this all done, I am going to go dream up some new stuff while I sleep!

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