Monday, June 5, 2017

Southwick Public Library Local Authors Event

I will be attending the Southwick Public Library's first Local Author Event on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 in Southwick, MA. I will have my recently OZMA AWARD shortlisted novel Black King Takes White Queen with me at this event. I wrote this fantasy/magical realism/coming of age novel about witches and warlocks for my daughter for her 25th birthday. She's been a Harry Potter fan since elementary school and has written Harry Potter fan fiction with her former college roomie and best friend, Bethany. So, I wanted to give her the next level up from Harry Potter, with a strong female lead character who grows into her role as Queen through the first few books in the series. The novel also is strong on relationships- family and friends- and working through problems that arise. There is also an aspect of social issues such as tolerance, working together for the common good, standing up to evil even when you think you'll fail. It's a modern day new adult/adult novel that is fairly hefty, but there is a lot of groundwork laid in this first novel for future volumes in the series. Black Knight, White Rook, the sequel, is already available in the marketplace, continuing Ivy and Romney's story, and Ivy's growing further into her role as Queen, and Buck's emergence as the black knight who protects and champions her while her husband, the King, struggles to be the leader he is destined to be while raising their toddler son, Ezra, the Black Prince.

I'm thrilled that fellow local authors Judith Sessler and Rhonda Boulette will also be at this event. Rhonda and I met at Articulture2017 this past April and became fast friends. I've been Judith Sessler's beta reader for a few projects that she's developing. She won the sribbled in proof copy of my new story collection butterscotch with her fast response to a spur of the moment facebook giveaway. Happily, she gave me positive feedback ont he book!

Just had an email from Sonia Ellis, another local author who happens to be a neighbor of mine. She's going to apply for a table at the event- hope she gets a spot!

Looking forward to this event which runs from 10:30AM-12:30PM.

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