Thursday, September 28, 2017


A previous blog post mentioned that Kelly and I were putting together a mother/daughter anthology of creepy stories. Well, that's what I've been working on putting together since she sent me her five stories. I contributed 13 ghost and unsettling stories...and then threw in my one and only horror story at the end, despite having to actually read it and edit it- ugh! But, I got it done and uploaded it last night after a search of our photo archives to find the creepiest picture I've ever taken- of the alien-like eyes staring into our from window from the truck of the linden tree!

We didn't have a name for the book- but inspiration struck when I said, "You know, that picture is really disturbing." Therefore, the volume of 19 stories is titled, Disturbing.

I prefer to think of myself as the writer of some pretty good Christmas stories (something I've been doing since 1997), but somehow, in my hometown, I've become known best for my "Halloween" stories, which I really just began writing in 2014, although I dabbled a bit with Halloween-themed children's story when Kelly was younger (thus the revamped Halloween Story which is now known as Isabel's Initiation, and Medea which was expanded into a novel and was just revised and renamed The Unwilling Witch. It's the stories in Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I that launched me into the realm of supernatural, paranormal and ghost stories.

So, now that October will be arriving on Sunday, it's time to put on my Halloween Hat and come up with a couple of new ghost stories. And after that, it'll be time to think about this year's annual Christmas story. (I just created 7 5x8 small volumes from the original three 6x9 larger volumes of holiday stories- so look for The Winter Solstice Ball, A Major Production, and The Red Velvet Suit as independent novellas, and Christmas With The Family, Christmas Inspirations, Christmases Past, and Christmases Present as smaller story collections that would be perfect for tucking into holiday gift baskets, giving to elderly family members in assisted living or nursing homes, tucking into stockings of those who love Christmas, as Secret Santa gifts, teacher gifts, co-worker gifts, etc.
The books are available as print books on and also as Kindle e-reader books in the Kindle store.

The Halloween books are also available that way.

I think al my books have now been converted to Kindle ebooks, but can also still be ordered and purchased as print books.

Now, off to practice grant writing, something new for me to learn!

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