Wednesday, January 4, 2017

13 is Done!

Since the start of the New Year I've been ticking off items on my To Do List. This morning I approved the final proof of a new volume of haunting, suspenseful and somewhat disturbing tales titled 13. 13 should be available by the end of the week from Amazon.

13 was originally going to be Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume IV but I decided there were enough Miss Peculiar books out there at the moment so I didn't need to be adding a fourth one at this time. I have some more stories that can be collected into a fourth volume at a later time. But I wanted to get this little collection out there.

13's official launch date will be October 2017, but it's soft launch begins this month since this one was early complete in October 2016 and one of the six projects on my To Do List for 2017. My NaNo novel Black Knight, White Rook has also come closer to completion with the ordering of print proof copies. As soon as that little bit of final tinkering is done I'll make that book available, most likely later this month.

That leaves four manuscripts, two complete and two incomplete but almost finished sitting on the dining room table...and though my New Year's resolution was to get some more of these projects done a new story has been forming in my head that might need to be written before I jump into the next already in progress project.

It's just satisfying to know that it's only 4 days into the new year and I am moving forward, getting things done. 2016 was a sluggish year for me with so much negative happening in my personal life. I'm hoping to be more productive and focused this year.

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