Saturday, January 7, 2017

Black Knight, White Rook Proof

The mailman delivered a nice surprise today, the two proof copies of Black Knight, White Rook. I'm anxious to get to work on reading through the print copy to see what else needs to be fixed before I give the final thumbs up on this project.

This morning while John ran out to get cat litter and cat food for the boys I accompanied Kelly to her bank to talk about getting her pre-qualified for a mortgage so she can begin house hunting. It was a far simpler process than I thought it would be, a brief meeting with a man at a desk, then he made a phone call, handed the phone to Kelly and ten minutes later the man in the bank was printing out her pre-qualified letter. The amount the bank is willing to lend her was more than we'd imagined it would be- a nice surprise. Now she can get her realtor to work searching for a suitable house for her. It's a bittersweet time in my life. We sort of got a taste of the empty nest when she was away at college for four years, but she was home during vacations and the summer then. After college she ventured out for three months to central MA to work, then landed the better job in CT near the airport and moved home to save money, pay off her student loans and prepare for this moment in her life. I'll miss her and simultaneously not miss her. I will not miss her collections that are cluttering my house. I can hardly wait to see them displayed in her own home since they're basically all packed in boxes in he cellar at this time. I'm happy for her and hope she'll find the perfect home for herself and her future adopted rescue cat or kitten since I can't let her take Revere with her. He and Riley Beans are a bonded duo. I don't think Riley would adopt well to a new cat in his house, or Rever would adopt to being a single cat after always having a feline companion.

Also in the mail today I got my copy of author Russell Atwood's reprint of his PI novel East of A. I have a hardcover copy from 1997. It's a fantastic book, gritty, sardonically humorous, a little sarcastic- I loved it! Russell lives here in town (moved back here from NYC). I met him last October at Blue Umbrella Books when he invited me to read one of my ghost stories at the October 29th Ghost Stories LIVE! event he was hosting. I agreed. It was fun, so participated again December 17th for the Ghost Stories LIVE! Yuletide event. There will be another around Valentine's Day. I will be participating again with another new story. Anyway, I'll have Russell personalize the book on January 14th with his autograph when he holds his official 20th Anniversary East of A reprint event at Blue Umbrella Books here in town. The book is available on

Will be starting the final proofread of my book beginning tonight.

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