Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Write-a-Thon

Well, two books have been warring in my head for awhile.

This weekend, Garnet and Quella's story muscled its way past Romney and Ivy's 3rd in series as the to be written novel.

I put down 36,525 words in 70 pages, 8 chapters from Saturday morning to Monday night. Dashed off another thousand words at breakfast this morning before going to work.

The motivating shot in the arm to finally get this novel rolling was the idea to make it darker.

Well, here are two dysfunctional families with toxic members in each, two young people traumatized by their toxic family members struggling to find their path through life, who find one another...and then they discover that their namesakes had a brief, incendiary affair over a hundred and forty years ago, and all three of them died (the two ancestors who are the current characters namesakes plus their love child). Dark enough? Hmm...might need to notch the light down a little lower. Oh, did I mention there're ghosts and hints of reincarnation thrown in the mix?

Definitely dark romance.

Definitely dark.

I may need a miner's lamp to keep writing this one!

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