Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Novel Facelift

I have been busy this past month giving The Subtlety of Light and Shadow, my one and only attempt at a romance novel (it actually earned some surprising mark in the Golden Hearts contest in 2015 earning a 10 of 10 from one judge -RWA) a facelift. First I tackled the interior copy. A Writer's Digest Self Published Book Award judge loved the two novels I submitted last year, but had a few words of advice about the interior layout. The judge said, "Lower the chapter headers on the page so they're more easily visible and defining. (Check) Watch verb tense (Check) Don't repeat things (well, mostly Check) So, with the interior copy cleaned up for it's debut as a second edition (there were some paragraph revisions, edits, and punctuation clean-up done during the process as well) I then decided to give it a color boost on the cover. The original background color was periwinkle blue to compliment the blue handle of the paintbrush. I studied the picture and decided to go with a shade of deep blush pink that compliments the color being mixed on the brush. It brightens the whole cover up, and makes it look more like what it is. I didn't want people on my cover. This is the story of a tortured artist and the young woman who becomes his muse the moment she applies for a job at his prestigious art gallery. He takes all sorts of risks to win the sweet young lady over, but Lucie is inexperienced and has a lot on her mind (like keeping her head above water, dealing with the nasty gallery manager and the equally nasty receptionist). She is the light, he lives in shadow. In the end, she illuminates him from within.

I love this book.

It will be back on the market by the end of the week.

(If you happen to own a blue cover first edition hang onto it as there aren't all that many of them out there!)

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