Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cast Iron Casket at Collinsville Axe Factory

A friend just visited the Collinsville Axe Factory, which is now a museum, I believe she said, with historic artifacts and such. The Collinsville Axe Factory is in Canton, CT (the Collinsville Antiques Center, another awesome destination is in New Hartford, CT).

The reason she mentioned it to me was that I'd sent her an email with a link to Edith Howard Cook, a toddler from the mid-1800's who was discovered well-preserved in her small cast iron casket with glassine windows under the floor of a garage during a home renovation in San Francisco California last year. She was recently identified. Another friend (Gayle) had just sent me the link and told me there was a ghost story to be written based on this discovery.

Well, I wrote the ghost story using the discovery of a small cast iron casket with a preserved toddler visible inside a few days later and titled it Betsy. In the story the casket is discovered by three children, buried under the dirt floor in the cellar of their Victorian era home. I wrote about this ghost story to Betty...and she wrote back about having seen an adult-sized cast iron casket at the museum, complete with window in it! I predict a road trip in the near future!

There are always odd little coincidences occurring in my life.

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