Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mom Gets A Werewolf For Mother's Day

I was recently inspired to write a new novel when I was driving through downtown and saw the mechanical clock tower open for the first time in the several years it's stood there. It only opens at specific hours for a brief time. It happened to be high noon, so there it was.

I had an idea for a new novel in my head by the time I got home less than 15 mintes later. I started writing it that night, got four pages into it but stopped because typing was giving me motion sickness. I was having a problem with vertigo at the time.

My vertigo has cleared up. The other night I trashed the original four pages, and began anew, finishing the first two chapters in one evening. Meanwhile, I like to have something visual nearby to keep me inspired. I had gone on and seen a plush werewolf toy, but he was large and on the expensive side, so I just printed a picture of him and resigned him to my wish list.

This morning I came into the kitchen to find a lumpy white mailer bag with a greeting card attached waiting for me on the kitchen counter. A Mother's Day card and gift from Kelly. The card would have been enough- it brought tears to my eyes. However, when I opened the mailer bag- there inside a clear plastic bag, curled up in a fetal position for shipping (kind of symbolic for it being Mother's Day) was the werewolf! He's huge (almost two feet long)! He has felt fangs and leatherette claws. He's made by Scared Stuffless (I guess they call him Wolfgang Puck, but he certainly doesn't look like a chef to me!) I have christened him Julian Roth Beresford, but he prefers to be called J. Roth, or just J or Roth, your choice. Only one person can call him Julian.

I didn't expect to get a werewolf for Mother's Day, but he is a totally appropriate gift for this Mom from her writer daughter!

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!!!

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