Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vista Print Earns a Gold Star From Me

I was clued into Vista Print and their services by an author friend. I soon ordered postcards and business cards from them and was extremely satisfied with the quality and quick turn around time.

And then, about two weeks before Articulture2017 in April, I decided to order an author poster and small banner for the event. I designed them and ordered them easily enough, and was happy that I could use a promo coupon and another discount which brought the total with express shipping to $26 and change. I placed the order and waited for my poster and banner to arrive (by the 17th) while I finished preparing for the event.

Well, April 22nd arrived and I had not seen either poster or banner, although I'd received an email informing me that the items had shipped. I was ticked off, but had a back-up sign that I'd made- thank God I'm a little bit crafty and had the materials on hand to make the sign.

The event came and went and I was miffed. Well, totally ticked off would probably describe my mood more accurately. I waited another week, and then another...still nothing. So, finally, with a cooler more rational head on my shoulders, I contacted Vista Print to inquire as to what had happened to my order. It was early on a Sunday morning. Luckily, I had saved the email telling me my item had shipped with order number and tracking number, which I included in the email.

I received a confirmation that my email had been received and I would hear back from someone within 24 hours.

Lo and behold an email arrived the next day (Monday)- the issue had already been investigated and the person had discovered that the order had gotten stuck in the "In Transit" phase- it had never left the facility. I did not have to do anything further, Vista Print understood I was upset about not having my materials for the author event and apologized. They resubmitted the order and refunded me all but $2 of what I had paid.

My poster and banner arrived that Friday (the estimated delivery date was the following Monday, so it was three days before it was due to arrive and only four days from the day I received the response email from them!).

They went the distance and then some and were surprisingly pleasant and easy to deal with. I was completely satisfied with how the screw-up was resolved and will continue to do business with them, and recommend them to other people I know. Screw-ups happen every day. However, it's the professionalism and promptness of dealing with the issue and satisfying the customer with the ruffled feathers that makes all the difference.

I give you a Gold Star Vista Print for how you handled my inquiry, found the problem and resolved it in less than a week with delivery of the items ordered, and a refund besides. I can honestly say you made me happy!

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