Friday, December 30, 2016

Doing A Lot of Stuff

Today was the last day of work for 2016 for me. I was all by myself in suite 2 at the office and accomplished quite a bit, but it's never enough. I hate leaving loose ends at the end of the year, but I can't kill myself trying to get it all done when it's basically an endless flow of stuff coming down the pike, so to speak.

Tonight we took down Christmas. I was going to strip the ornaments off the tree and leave the tree another day, but hubby is a creature of habit and chugged along dismantling the tree, which meant after a long day of work I then had to vacuum the living room to pick up all the needles and glittery crap that dropped off the ornaments. I did not want to vacuum tonight which was why I wanted to leave the tree up, but I am the ignore minority here.

We discovered that when a large glass pot lid slips off the counter and hits the floor handle side down it shatters and sprays tiny bits of glass all across the kitchen and into the hallway! It looked like glittery diamonds strewn near and far. It cleaned up pretty easily, but the kitchen rug was glittery with tiny bits of glass so into the washer it went before little cat paws could find them. Another unexpected chore after working all day.

My husband still hasn't told me that he didn't get the job he'd applied for and was hoping to land. Disappointment and depression just radiates off him, and he goes all sulky and silent, so it's not like I can't figure out what happened easily enough. I know he sees it as another personal failure, but it's not him. It's big business. But let me tell you there's nothing worse than a man who wants to work, who doesn't know how to do anything else but work to lose his job and pin all his hopes on landing a job in the same pay range. I'm more realistic so it's frustrating for me to watch him send off resume after resume, have interviews and then get turned down. There's only so much more of this watching him slide deeper into his pit of self pity I can take. He needs to go get a job at Home Depot and be happy working in a big box store full of guy stuff!

Meanwhile, I'm nearly finished the final edits of Black Knight, White Rook. I'm looking forward to getting that done.

I'm also reading another author's YA novel to review as a favor. And reading another of her books pre-publication to help her look for continuity errors, grammar, verb tense, etc boo-boos. I LOVE doing that sort of thing and have done it for another author in the past. It's really an honor to be asked to help in that capacity.

I have to meet with another author ASAP to help him get organized. He is going to write a novel this year if I have to extract the whole thing from him word by word with tweezers and tongs. That's the kind of good friend I am! (Forgive him, darlings, but it's been 8 years since his last novel...!! Holy moly! I can't imagine not writing a hundred novels in that time span!) Anyway- he's got an acerbic wit, a dark side, a moderate degree of eccentricity going on, a sense of fun, and I hope, a sense of adventure, because asking me to help always leads to an adventure of some sort! No Section 12s have ever been a result of working with me, I assure you!

Kelly is heading to eastern MA tomorrow. That's like traveling to a foreign country. They even have accents there and strange customs unknown and unfamiliar to us western MA natives. I wish her well among the tribes of Raynham. (She might even get to drink water from a bubbler! If that is not an option she may stop by a convenience store for a tonic. Really! I kid you not! That's how they talk! I should know, because my college roommate and best friend is originally from Peabody, and she introduced me to eastern MA. I should also add that I have led her like a lamb to the slaughter into "the sticks" of rural western MA where she was literally terrified to drive in the dark along the unlit Daniel Shay Highway through dark villages and woodlands that encroached upon the winding road.)

I need to clean my house.

I need to put my feet up and relax.

I wonder which one I will accomplish during this three day weekend?

(My money's on neither, by the way!)

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