Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Cat Who Loved Ham Kielbasa

Several times a year my husband journeys over the mountain to Chicopee to purchase a ham kielbasa from a little Polish deli called Bernat's. They make a variety of sausages and kielbasa's/ Kelly and I do not like super spicy meats so John chose their ham kielbasa for us one year. It has a mild peppery ham flavor we like, so ham kielbasa has become a holiday staple in our home.
    And then there is Riley Beans, our little gray cat who turns his nose up at "human" food. However, about three years ago when he was about two years old he showed some interest in what we were eating, so John offered him a bite of ham kielbasa...and it has been a love fest ever since. John will cook it the day before a holiday in the frying pan in water. The moment its aroma begins to permeate the house he has a little gray buddy in the kitchen begging for a piece of kielbasa. The only problem is that he doesn't like it hot or warm. He prefers his kielbasa chilled.
    Riley sits up and begs for this treat! He maxes out after three thin slices cut up into little bites. But he's back for more later on if the plate of ham kielbasa and deviled eggs comes out of the refrigerator for another round of appetizers.
    So, Merry Christmas to my little kitty who loves his ham kielbasa! (By the way, Revere will not touch the stuff!)

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