Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Ghost Stories

There is an upcoming event here in town- Ghost Stories LIVE Holiday edition. I was a participant/performer in Ghost Stories Live Halloween and have been invited to participate in this December 17th event- doing a reading of something classic or new. The two Christmas ghost stories I have in my files are too lengthy, so yesterday I sat down after a night of thinking about ghosts and wrote a short story with a ghost at Christmas time. I'm thinking it's not the one, that I have 12 days to write something even I'll keep working on it.

I like the idea that the organizer of this event has brought this with him from NYC. We had a lot of fun with it in October and it will hopefully be even better this time around. I was wicked nervous and had to go first. I read too fast. My mouth was so dry I was messing up words. I've never even acted in a play except for when I was a kid and my sister used to write plays for us to perform for our parents' anniversary every year, until my brother and I were old enough to balk at that.. I do not have the actor's ham bone in me...just a lot of enthusiasm.

It helped that the audience was really receptive to the whole concept of performance and readings combined. We had a lot of fun. So, I'm looking forward to this ghost stories event- I just need to come up with something a little scarier!

Off to work on that right now!

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