Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Burnout Came Early

My Christmas shopping isn't done. I just finished stamping the Christmas cards after dinner tonight. I have to mail them tomorrow so that maybe most of them will arrive in a timely manner. My house is half-decorated. I haven't watched a single Christmas movie, carton, Claymation, stop action show...no Grinch, no Frosty or Rudolph, no Scrooge...and Miracle on 34th Street. No miracle here...I am full of good intentions, but forgot to take my methotrexate for my rheumatoid arthritis last week, so am suffering for it with aching joints and tendons. I usually take it on Wednesday and thought I had, but when I went to fill my pill box for the week there were Wednesday pills! I took the methotrexate on Monday night after convincing myself I really couldn't wait until this Wednesday. And the snowstorm with black ice following didn't improve matters any on Monday.

I just want to crawl in bed, pull the covers up and sleep.

It's not depression...it's just being overwhelmed by too many things to do, too little time to do them, and health issues that interfere in every aspect of my life which is discouraging and frustrating.

I have an event this weekend where I'll be reading a brand new, just written this past weekend, ghost story, The Little Gray Ghost. I'll have to sleep in on Saturday to conserve energy for Saturday evening.

I'll get things done...it's just going to take me longer this holiday season.

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