Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Book & Something New to go with it

I've pounded out a lot of ghost and supernatural stories during the past year or so. I've finally finished writing The Hanging Man after a December stall during the holidays. This story will be included in a new collection I've titled The Hanging Man and other stories. I hope to self publish the book in February. There will be sixteen additional stories in this volume. Eleven of the stories, plus The Hanging Man have not appeared in print before. Several of the stories have been read aloud at Ghost Stories LIVE! events here in Westfield for which they were written.

So what's the something new that goes with this new book? This book will be the first one I've self published with my own artwork on the cover. I sketched the hanging man during my lunch break at work on Tuesday, January 30th. I took a Bristol board sketchpad and a black Flair marker to work with me and drew him there. It took me about half an hour. I've deliberately left his face blank...the read can fill in what they like- personalize him, s to say. The style is sort of a nod to one of my favorite artists/illustrators- Edward Gorey.

So, new book, new stories, and brand new for me, my own artwork as the cover image!

The Hanging Man will be available on Amazon & as a Kindle book. Limited copies will be available at Blue Umbrella Books, or can be ordered directly from me.

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