Monday, April 9, 2018

A Few Copies of Clockmaker handdelivered

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday, April 8) I began hand-delivering some copies of The Clockmaker's Son around town. The first copy was delivered into my wonderful daughter's hands as always. Then two copies were delivered to my sister's house- one for her and her husband, the other for my brother and his wife.

Today some copies accompanied me to work. My office manager, my best friend, a close friend, and the receptionist I usually work with all got their copies this morning. I have two more copies for coworkers- one of whom is currently in sunny FL. She'll be back later this week and I'll give her the copy reserved for her.

The remaining copies are going to Articulture2018 with me. These are all the rest of the copies I have on hand. I most likely will not be ordering more. I suppose you can call it a very limited edition.

If you want a copy, show up early on Saturday the 21st at the Church of Atonement on the corner of Court and Pleasant Streets for this year's Articulture2018 event celebrating the arts in their myriad forms in Westfield, Massachusetts! The event opens to the public at 10Am and closes at 7PM. The authors will be upstairs in the church's Guild Room to the left in the reception all through the French doors.

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