Monday, April 16, 2018

When Sidelined by Health Issues- Beta Read

The past two and a half weeks have not been the best time of my life as I've struggled to recover from a nasty upper respiratory virus which required the use of steroids which set off other health issues due to allergy to, while I did manage to write an ugly little story, I have also tackled a big beta read for an author friend. I am really enjoying that because it has helped me relaxed and recharge my own battery while drawing on the power and energy of her emotion-charged words in this book.

Reading is an excellent remedy for many things. It allows your mind an escape route from the physical woes you're suffering. You can get lost in a book and emerge feeling as if you've received an enhancing dose of good medicine.

Thanks, Melissa, for sending good medicine to help me through these rough days of recovery!

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