Thursday, April 19, 2018

Gearing Up For Articulture2018

Despite wicked low back spasms from a flare-up of RA caused by inhaled steroids to treat the upper respiratory virus I had for 2.5 weeks, I managed to get downstairs to start organizing all the stuff I need to take to a huge author event this Saturday.
      I've got Kelly's books and my books organized. I have the table cover, the author signs ready to go, props packed and ready to grab and go. Kelly did a pen and ink WhipCity Wordsmiths sign I cut to size to fit in the holder we found for a table sign. I have wolves, purple roses, cats, magic wands...werewolves, but no vampires!
      Book stands and business cards are packed, swag bags are ready to hand out to the authors in attendance, plus goodie bags for the other attendees. Kelly is going to pack her juggling paraphernalia and if weather is good, she'll be juggling outside during the event when she gets bored inside. I also have a framed kitty drawing I did that has been promised to author friend Melissa Volker for all she's done for me- designing the cover of The Clockmaker's Son and now a promo video for same!
      I also have my author event tool box ready to go, except for packing tape which I need to grab.
      It's been a busy week but I've been slowly getting what I need to do done despite not feeling so hot. I had to miss artist set-up tonight- first because I could hardly move when I got home from a full day of work, and second because I had to go out with John to buy a new washing machine- ours bit the dust this evening. It's always something!!
      Hoping to make it to the Artist Opening Reception tomorrow evening...we'll see how work goes. If I'm as wrecked as I was today, I'll have to stay home and rest up for Saturday.
      The past three weeks have not been pleasant!

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