Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Strange Dream

I had a strange dream this morning. I was in a senior assisted living apartment with my daughter and she had invited a singing duo she was familiar with whom I'd never heard before to play for her grandfather. They were set up in a corner of the living room and suddenly the apartment was full of senior citizens all having a blast dancing to the music. I was standing in the kitchen area and the elderly women were fussing about poking into cabinets and cupboards and admiring the kitchen's features (which included a lift-up section that revealed a small propane tank!) During a lull in the music I asked Kelly to dig out a CD case for the duo and I would try to get their autographs on the case liner for her. The director of the assisted living facility came up to me and told me what a marvelous idea we'd had arranging live entertainment for the seniors- that they were all having a "blast." (I felt a little apprehensive about his use of that phrase with the old ladies having just been admiring the propane tank in the kitchen)...but then one of the duo was walking by and I stopped him and asked if he'd sign the case liner, and he took the pen and signed for Kelly...but there were thirty other signatures on the other side of the liner already! The room had emptied out during this "intermission" time and I couldn't see my father and that troubled me but there seemed to be refreshments being served elsewhere- perhaps in the apartment opposite his? I could hear people out in the hallway.

The cats woke me up at this point but the dream has lingered with me. My father never lived in assisted living. We do not know any musicians/singers. I know a lot of elderly people from places I have worked here in town and they can be quite boisterous and funny when given the chance...maybe this is a story idea?

I was kind of kicking around the idea of a down-on-their-luck sort of washed-up band being invited to play at a Christmas party. They travel out into the country to this crumbling old estate and when they enter the house they are thrown back in time to early Victorian days, candlelight or gaslight, no electricity for their electric guitars and keyboard so they have to improvise with acoustic guitars and piano and whatever they have...and they get the party rocking? I don't know, it's not fully formed yet, just sort of starting to congeal in my brain at the moment.

But that certainly was a strange dream....

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