Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gift Exchange

Holy moly! My big sister and little brother came over this evening for our Christmas gift exchange and for my sister's birthday (she's how old???? OMG!) When the three of us get together it's verbal chaos and belly-busting laughter. The big story tonight was how when my sister's husband picked up their tree to carry it upstairs his pants fell down! Better get that man some suspenders for next year!!!
We also shared crazy cat stories about our cats. We have just 2. My brother has 18 and my sister has 7 or 8 plus a Sheltie dog. One of my cats has a 2-second attention span. I'm not going to get into all the cat stories- they could fill a book! My brother, the baby of the family at 14 months younger than me has had a number of encounters with the police. He's never been arrested but he is known for stupid stunts...any night now I expect him to call to ask to be bailed out. I will tell him I will be right down and then I'll go back to sleep! On the way out my sister lost her jingle bell earring for the fifteenth time in an hour and a half. Out came the Maglite and the search party. Just as they were about to drive off in defeat the flashlight beam landed on the earring in the driveway and I am out there yelling in the dead of night, "Stop! Stop!" Earring reunited with big sister we wished one another a goodnight and off my brother goes tooting the horn all the way up the street. Oh yeah, my neighbors just love it when we get together!
   If there isn't a dose of family chaos it isn't Christmas! I'm ready now!

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