Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Work in Progress on the Talon Series

I have been rereading the two published novels in the Talon trilogy and revamping/proofing and editing them. Just when you think everything is perfect you sit down to read and enjoy the novels and BAM! find typos and comma errors and missing words. Thank you Microsoft word for changing words on me because a computer thinks it knows what I want to write! Ha! Not so! So, once again dealing with some frustrations but in general I am happy/satisfied with the stories in each novel and now motivated to finish the third and final book in the series which will include the few years into the future Christmas story that is the companion piece to the trilogy and only available to readers of the series (like The Archetypes has a Christmas story bonus at the end of book two in the series and Life Skills also has its bonus Christmas story added as chapter 40.) It's just something I like doing since I have been writing Christmas stories since 1997.

I will be working on Talon:The Familiarity of it All in January 2016. It's about half written.

This is the series about the icy cold MD/ME and the flame-haired, volatile night desk clerk at City Morgue who are destined to be together as partners in this world and beyond for he is a grim reaper and she is his chosen portal- but Bryce Briscoe is much more than a mere portal!

In Talon: An Intimate Familiarity it is time for Talon to begin training his portal but he is being distracted from his task by a sultry doctor who has no love for Bryce. Talon and Bryce's relationship is fiery and volatile with misunderstandings, communication failures and an underlying smoldering passion for one another that leads to confusion and flares of temper before Bryce begins to understand who and what she is, and who and what her frosty yet steamy lover is.

In Talon:A Sense of Familiarity their relationship has leveled out. Bryce is expecting Talon's heir (a son) and Talon wants her to mend fences with her estranged family. They have been locked out of Heaven while the Council argues about what to do about Bryce. Meanwhile, a romantic week at the lake leads to a nightmare situation causing an old friend to come back to earth to offer his help. Bryce makes headway in re-establishing relations with her family. Powerful demons threaten them and Bryce loses a cherished friend. And their baby makes his arrival a little earlier than expected.

In Talon: The Familiarity of it All there will be more surprises, loses, gains and battles to be fought before Talon and Bryce's long awaited wedding.

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