Thursday, December 24, 2015

Twas the Nght Before Christmas...

...and I have the house to myself for an hour and a half while John takes Kelly to his parents' house. I am not going this year because his mother should be in hospice and not bothered by a houseful of people and there are already a slew of people living with them and off of them which irritates me no end.  So I have elected to stay home and finish getting our home ready for Christmas tomorrow. I've cleaned a little more, made deviled eggs, hauled some presents up from the basement and picked up a book I've been wanting to read for months. I worked a half day today and need this quiet time to regroup after the neediness of patients and being unable to do everything that needs t get done...I am just one person and the demands on me are overwhelming at times. But I had a great doctor on duty today whom I work well with-and he was wearing his Christmas best!! You've got to love a man who is not afraid to wear a long red and white striped stocking cap, a bright green Christmas vest with appliques and a blinking Christmas light necklace- and we are not in pediatrics! We treat only adults! He certainly brought a lot of Christmas cheer to the office today! And before we left everyone gathered in the business office for hugs, kisses and Christmas wishes before flying out the door to head home for the holidays. We take time to be there and support one another...and to make sure we'll all have a good Christmas. One co-worker was short on cash this year so four of us got together, donated what we could afford after our own holiday shopping and then two of us went shopping for that co-worker's daughters to help make their Christmas merry, plus what we had left went to our co-worker who is always doing nice things for us and makes us smile and laugh because she deserves a nice Christmas, too. In a world seemingly full of self-centered people we are a pocket of caring people who take care of one another when we need to.
   So, on this night while I sit in the peace and quiet of my home I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.. Twas the night before Christmas...take a minute to find your own peace this year.

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