Sunday, August 7, 2016

Arrgh, Pirates?

I Googled myself this afternoon and found something that disturbs me.

I found that at least two of my books appeared to be in e-reader format when I have only approve four books for Kindle through CreateSpace. The books I saw that had no URL address associated with them but when clicked on appeared to start downloading an e-reader form of the book were Talon:A Sense of Familiarity and The Subtlety of Light and Shadow. I didn't allow the whole thing to download because it was taking some time and I'm wary of viruses. Therefore, I don't know exactly what this is all about but I'm not happy about it just the same.

CreateSpace is the only place where the story files have been uploaded. I'm not quite understanding how these books are being created (if they actually exist) when there have been no copies sold yet for the two books that I saw. Therefore, I'm inclined to think CreateSpace may not really be as secure as I was lead to believe. I hold the copyrights for all of my books, plus all the books are copyright registered in the Library of Congress. Permission from me is needed to use anything at all from any of the books.

So, if you Google me and see something about downloading any of my books cheaper it may be a scam or a rip-off, so don't do it. I only authorized four books in e-reader format for Kindle and no one else. And the two books I saw are not available in e-reader format.

Isn't it lovely that pirates sail the vast internet sea?

This is my warning shot across their bow.

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