Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cloud Pictures

I am not liking this hot, humid weather that western MA is locked into for the past few weeks, but I am loving the skies and the pop-up thunderstorms because this weather is creating plenty of opportunities for awesome cloud photography!

This evening after dinner I ran out because it kept getting darker and darker. In the western sky at the front of the house there was a cloud rooster!! By the time I woke up the camera and found him in the viewer he was already beginning to dissipate as the clouds were moving fairly quickly in advance of the rain, but I nailed one good shot of this white cloud rooster with his head thrown back crowing. He has the comb on the top of his head, a dark wing and a beak.

When I came inside I showed the picture on the viewing screen to my daughter and asked, "What do you see in the clouds?" and she said, "A chicken?" Close enough. Even my unimaginative husband saw a rooster in the clouds (he thinks I'm crazy every time I run out the door with my camera as a storm approaches!)

My all time favorite cloud picture is of an Old English Sheepdog puppy loping out of a cloud with flopping ears!

I am kicking myself that I didn't have a camera the day Kelly and I both saw a witch astride her broom about to bite an apple she was holding in her raised hand! Holy smoke! You don't see that every day! We were about two miles from home. She was already breaking up as we watched her while waiting for the streetlight to change.

Now we always try to take a camera along because you never know what you're going to see in the clouds.

I don't always see pictures or images. Sometimes it's just the dramatic cloud formations that form, the colors of the clouds, the bright sunlight outlining a dark cloud, a rend in a dark cloud that allows a glimpse of the bright blue behind it.

This weekend we had thunderstorms coming through. I went out and there was a perfectly framed rectangular opening in the storm clouds with one side brightly outlined by sunlight, rays of sunlight beaming down through the "doorway". And above it there was a deep blue opening in the dark gray clouds- the deepest blue I have ever seen. And just above the deep blue, over the dark charcoal gray clouds there was what appeared to be a white sea anemone, or an explosion of snowy white cloud. If someone painted that picture people would scoff and say, "Oh, that's not a real sky!" Well- it was very real. The image is on my facebook page (my regular page- daisies picture) straight off my cellphone.

Unfortunately rooster cloud is on my Nikon camera and I'll have to download it to the main computer to be able to post it on facebook.

A lot of people cloud watch and try to capture what they see in the clouds. I never tire of looking at cloud pictures!

That's what I do for fun- watch the clouds. Sound boring? Sometimes...but then sometimes you see something that makes your heart skip a beat and start to pound. But you have to be quick to capture the image because even though it doesn't feel like the world is moving, those clouds can shapeshift or simply dissipate pretty quickly at times!

So-while I am not liking this hot, humid weather, I'm not complaining about all the storm cloud opportunities it's creating. I'll have to download cloud pictures off the camera again soon! (The rest are on my cellphone!)

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