Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Crash

Well, today I hit the wall and crashed.

I have been pushing myself way too hard and it all caught up to me.

I have massive fatigue tonight.

Part of the whole problem is that there have been a lot of renovations going on at work which has raised a lot of dust, which I am allergic to. It's set off my asthma and allergies. I've had to use my inhaler more in the past week than I've used it in the past year!

With an RA flare going on, and all my allergies set off I'm fighting a huge battle with my compromised immune system and it's all just kicking my butt...I'm hugely tired. So tired that I did nothing tonight but sit and keep breathing.

This of course cuts across the very grain of my entire being...I am not a person who can just sit and do nothing. So on top of fatigue I am irritable and frustrated.

I'm not good company tonight- even the cats are avoiding me- and that is saying a lot right there.

I suppose I should just go to bed and call it a day...a wasted day, at least at home. At work I did manage to get a lot done before crawling home and crashing after dinner.

At least I managed to do something even if it wasn't want I would have rather been doing.

A special thank you to Amanda who makes me laugh- she got me through the afternoon!

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