Sunday, November 6, 2016

Author in Tears

Well, today was certainly a surprise. We got home from a few days of writing in Maine, grabbed lunch then raced off downtown for an official NaNo Write-in at Blue Umbrella Books here in town. Kelly and I were the only two writers to show up, but that was fine. It was the perfect venue for a write-in- a bookstore!

I was writing along and, as usual, I just write and don't know really where the novel is heading at any given time until it reaches its destination. Suddenly I burst into tears right there in the middle of the bookstore because I had just killed off a character- a minor main character, but I didn't see it coming. The plot just twisted that way and caught me off guard.

I teared up again a little while later when another plot twist hit an emotional chord in me.

Two emotional moments in two hours while writing in public...but that's how writers can be. We create characters who become living, breathing people in our minds- and it's a shock when one dies (even though we're the creator and the murderer of the character- although we typically assign that terrible deed to another character we've created to perform that task.) Jessica was funny, she heard me sob, but politely did not interfere. Explained to her afterwards what that was all about.

Back to writing! Having a molar pulled tomorrow...that will stress me out and interfere with the writing! Might just read tomorrow and do a little writing after dinner, depending on how my mouth feels! Need to get as much done tonight as I can!

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