Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Still recovering from this past Monday's less than pleasant toot extraction. It was a right lower molar with a big, old filling that I'm guessing fractured when I was eating popcorn. I tend to crunch the kernels that aren't quite popped. The following afternoon a piece of the fractured inside corner broke off when I popped a piece of candy corn in my mouth and began chewing. My dentist removed another broken piece a week ago this past Monday and scheduled me for this extraction when it was obvious there wouldn't be enough tooth left to save.

So off to Maine I went for a few days with a  broken tooth and the prospect of a tooth extraction on my last day of vacation. Came home, John took me to the dentist this past Monday. While attempting to rock the tooth out another piece broke, resulting in an alternative measure having to be employed. Let's just say- OUCH. The tooth came out after my jaw was wrenched around, although one of the technicians held my jaw to prevent it from breaking, I suppose. I had one suture put in and was sent home with an antibiotic. I refused pain medication because I'm intolerant of opiods and allergic to of the more challenging aspects of my life.

Mid-afternoon he novacaine began to wear off. Ice packs were applied to try to control the swelling, but still I looked like I'd gone around in the ring and lost. There's still swelling but it's a little bit better. I'm on a diet of mushy foods that don't require chewing. Today's gourmet lunch was Progresso Cheddar, Potato, Broccoli soup. I am not a fan of soup but I was hungry, so I ate it. The potatoes were a little chewy, but the broccoli was just flecks of green floating in the thick, yellow creamy broth. For canned soup it was edible- either that or I was starving.

We've been eating mushy chicken stew since Monday night. John made that for me. I'll bring the last of it to work for lunch tomorrow. Don't know what I'll be able to manage tomorrow,

So I'm recovering...concentrating on writing my NaNo novel, and trying not to smile and laugh too much. Kind of hard for me not to laugh!

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