Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Low Back Pain

I've had low back pain for years, and episodes of low back muscle spasms that have resolved in a couple of days...and I have been guilty of rolling my eyes and ridiculing people who use pain medication as a crutch, but after three days of severe low back muscle spasms and a huge disruption of my day to day activities and LIFE I am ready to admit that I have been wrong. Back pain is legitimate. I still am NOT a fan nor an advocate for opioids which have ruined the lives of many much like opium dens ruined the lives of many in Victorian and Edwardian times. I am not one who wants my jaw to rot away and my teeth to fall out from opioid abuse. I am for muscle relaxers, but not for people driving around while on this medication- the one I am currently on gives me episodes of wooziness and weird visual effects- like jumpiness. I also seem to lose short stretches of time in the blink of an eye...inattention or actual conscious blips in the space time continuum? I don't know. It's rather freaky, but better than the truly horrific nightmares I had on the previous medication. I also can sleep the entire day away on this medication.

I am tired of feeling like I have shockwaves rolling down my spine and kicking me in the butt whenever I move.

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