Monday, November 7, 2016

Novel Progress

Well, this morning I had a broken molar extracted. It's the last day of my short vacation this year. I came home fromt he dentist around 10:30AM with a cheek full of gauze, which I hate, so to distract myself I worked on my NaNo novel. It sort of became an all day project except for a couple of hours this afternoon when the novacaine was wearing off. I took a nap in the living room recliner with Revere and an ice pack for my jaw. I haven't felt much like eating today, especially soft cold foods which was recommended. I managed some very soft, mashed up lukewarm chicken stew- mostly baby carrots and potatoes and shredded chicken, for dinner, then a bowl of lukewarm cream of wheat cereal because I skipped lunch. No hot coffee. No hot tea today. Just powered by cool water all day.

Tonight I reached 42,005 words and probably could have continued, but I need to get some sleep. Time to pop a couple of Tylenol Extra Strength caplets and call it a day.

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