Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Another Snow Day & An Amazing Friend

It's Tuesday and it's snowing, and will continue to snow into tomorrow. Can I just say, "I've had enough of this?"

This winter has really wreaked havoc with my RA with frigid cold spells and then a week or two of unseasonably warm days and chilly nights. My joints are screaming that they've had enough, too.

The only good thing happening today is that I'm working on the final revisions to my NaNo novel from last November, The Clockmaker's Son. I've the interior book file all formatted and ready to upload since late Sunday night. Now it's the last careful read through and final revisions, corrections, grammar, continuity check time.

And here's the really awesome part. I put it out there this past Sunday evening that I needed a cover for this book. Author and graphics artist/designer (and good friend)Melissa Volker jumped right in with both feet within moments. She had a mock up of the potential cover done within an hour! I loved it, we exchanged messages and she tweaked it according to my responses. Last evening I sent her my final version of the back cover copy that she needed to add and a short time later she sent me the completed front and back covers and spine file ready to upload to CreateSpace! She is, to say the very least, AWESOME! I am so lucky to count her as a friend and not just a fellow author. She's also a WhipCity Wordsmith so this right here is a prime example of the type of support I want to see among members. If one of us can help another, then we should put ourselves out there and do it. Melissa will receive full credit for her cover design and assistance in an acknowledgement inside my book on the dedication page which will let people know that she does this sort of thing, and maybe they'll contact her and she'll get some additional work out of this. It's exposure for her, and it gives my new novel a more professionally designed cover than I would have had otherwise. It benefits both of us.

So, let it snow outside. While I'm stuck taking it easy on achy joints inside I'm rereading The Clockmaker's Son, and feeling nothing but warmth in my heart because I have such an amazing friend.

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