Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Crack Myself Up

I finished the proofreading and first edits of The Clockmaker's Son (2017 NaNo novel) tonight. Sometimes you can find some funny stuff that you've unintentionally written when you're reading through your work for the first time.

Tonight's killer typo was "The aloha wolf wanted him dead." Of course I meant ALPHA wolf!

Well, that will get corrected n the final version.

Overall...when I finished writing this novel on either the fifteenth or eighteenth day of NaNo last November I totally lost interest in it because I wasn't sure, after several false starts, that this was the story I wanted to tell. I threw it (in a binder) on the dining room table and ignored it for three, nearly four months (if you count the remaining days of November and the first week of March of this year).

I had no motivation to even look at it.

But three days ago, after seeing several pictures of the clock tower that had inspired the novel, I dug out the binder, now buried under several others, and began reading. It starts slow and I might tinker with the beginning, but then things begin to happen. Relationships develop while others disintegrate and fall apart. People are killed. A young woman struggles to find her place in the world. The prodigal son, not a well-loved figure in town, returns and more people die. The young woman is nearly destroyed, but finds an inner strength and resolve that she never realized she had. The clockmaker's son comprehends that there is only one thing he can do and sets his course to accomplish that deed.

I won't say more...the novel isn't exactly what I had thought it would be, but it stands on it's own four feet. I can work with it, tinker with it a little, and it'll be fine.

Will begin the edits and revisions to the computer file tomorrow. Should have a new novel out of this in April- fingers crossed!

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