Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Waiting on Nor'easter #4

Well, I've heard all sorts of weather predictions as this fourth nor'easter approaches us...but here it is 9:30PM and nary a flake of snow has fallen so far. Kelly and I had to run out to Walmart after dinner tonight so I could get some things for work that we've run out of, and she needed applesauce for her lunch bag. We were laughing as we waited for the light to change so we could turn into the parking lot- about the mad rush for bread, milk, and toilet paper being practically non-existent this evening...although we've gotten snow with the past three storms we've also gotten rapid thaws immediately following them. Spring is here as of today. The daffodils are three inches high already.
     I think we've all become rather blasé about these "nor'easters" here in western MA.
     I think we're all sick of them, sick of winter, and ready for the warm kiss of spring to touch our cheeks.
     I've been doing some spring cleaning- something highly uncharacteristic of me. I do not like to clean, will normally clean only when I can't sleep and then I'm a whirlwind while everyone else is fast asleep.
     I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the printed proof copy of The Clockmaker's Son. This is the time when, although I've read the book half a dozen times, I worry about continuity issues, missed verb tenses in the same paragraph/chapter, typos, and some huge obvious error somewhere in the story! Stress is my BFF.
     Going back to looking out the window and wondering where the snow is...

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