Sunday, March 4, 2018

What's with this Winter?

This morning Kelly and I got up and ran to Dunkin Donuts at the Ponds for breakfast. It was sunny and 44 degrees. We wore hoodie sweatshirts and sunglasses.

At one o'clock we left home to do some shopping, antiquing, and furniture browsing. The wind had kicked up again and the skies were becoming cloudier. We still had hoodies on.

At quarter of four we headed home and the skies were charcoal with massing clouds. It looked as if it was going to rain. When we got home at quarter past four there were signs of raindrops on the deck stairs and deck. The skies east of us in West Springfield were black but out skies were cloudy, overcast, gray.

We got inside and no more than a few minutes later Kelly said, I think it's hailing out. We looked outside and sure enough small, round beads were literally raining down from the sky. Being who we are, I grabbed a camera and she grabbed the cat and we went out on the deck to document the "beads" falling from the sky. Revere, who is black and white, had round dots of ail in his black fur. Kelly had them on her blue t-shirt and in her hair. We went out twice. The sun was shining and we thought we might see a rainbow, but now...guess that only happens with light refracting through rain.

And then we had a snow squall and it got very dark...within a few minutes of coming inside. It snowed and the temperature dropped into the 30's. It was beginning to look like winter again as the sun set. There is a coating of snow on the deck and cars.

So we began the day with a hint of approaching spring in the air and ended the daylight hours with a firm reminder that winter was still the present season and she's not ready to acquiesce to spring just yet!

You just have to love New England where it seems you're never appropriately dressed for the weather because the weather is constantly changing throughout the day.

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