Friday, March 30, 2018

Last Night

   So, last night I'm writing the seventh version of a story that's been kicking around in my head when Kelly sits down across from me and says, "I have a great idea for a little ghost story for the next Ghost Stories LIVE! which is coming up in April. She says it involves a magician. I say, "Well you'd better write down a few notes so you don't forget." "Notes?" she scoffs. "I'll just write the story."
    I blink and she's done (well, a few blinks, but it seemed like only one blink before she was holding up a page filled with her tiny crabby printing. I said I'd read it and she laughed, reminding me that I can't see her writing never mind read it. She said, "I'll read it to you." She proceeded to read the story.
   Wham! One strike of the hammer and she nailed it! I sat there in awe of her...much like she has sat in awe of me in the past. 374 my way of writing, that's just barely a beginning paragraph!! Kelly Buffum- you are incredible!
   Today we're laughing about the size of the table of contents when she finally puts her book of flash, micro, and very short fiction ghost stories together in one volume...the table of contents will be longer than the pages full of stories!!
   Gotta love her! She is a maestro of mini fiction.

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