Saturday, January 2, 2016

Auspicious Beginnings Revision

Auspicious Beginnings is undergoing a major revision. It was basically a throw together book from a number of stories drawn from my earlier works dating back to 2000-2011.  Kelly had chosen a number of her favorites and formatted them for me while John and I were on vacation in September 2015. When I got home I quickly threw them together and had the book printed. I feel it is the most neglected of my books, so this weekend I have reread all the stories making corrections, edits and a few changes.  I'm in the process of reformatting the book (margins) and adding two stories to bring it back to just over its original page count of 296 pages (decreasing the wide margins dropped the page count into the 260s so I added two more stories from the list to bring it back up.)

These stories are all sweet little romances dealing with the beginning of new relationships and how following how they develop. Several of them were written during my French phase for my late playwright friend, Jim Curran, who liked to go to Monte Carlo. He was a friend of Grace Kelly's from the 1950's ( I believe) when she was in New York studying acting. Jim's bright red Monte Carlo Grand Prix racing windbreaker hangs in my basement closet, rescued during the tag sale held to liquidate his estate here in Westfield last fall. I was always sending him stories via email and he shared his stories with me. I have some of his manuscripts in my filing cabinet in the den still. My sister and I helped him research and produce a short Marilyn Monroe play that he wrote which was performed in a funeral home in Northampton back in the early 1990's when Kelly was little. I was the sound effects person and provided him a ton of research material from my MM collection . It was fun.

Five of the stories in Auspicious Beginnings have cats or kittens in them- I am from a long line of cat lovers. We always had cats when I was growing up. The longest I have been without a cat is about two and three quarters years after we lost Hyper to cancer shortly after Kelly was born in 1991 until we adopted stray cat Marty in the fall of 1994 when Kelly was three years old. Several of my family members have an excessive amount of cats but we have two- Revere and Riley-Beans, both rescue cats adopted in 2011, Revere in June after we lost Isador, and Riley-Beans in November after the sudden death of sweet five-year old Diego who had cardiac issues.

I'll be taking Auspicious Beginnings off Amazon shortly while I upload the new file. It should be back up for sale again by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, at midnight January 3rd Talon:An Intimate Familiarity becomes a Goodreads Giveaway offering (3 copies available).

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