Sunday, January 10, 2016


Whenever I have to take a muscle relaxer for my RA symptoms I have a vivid nightmare. Friday night within forty minutes of falling asleep I was wide awake, heart pounding. I have claustrophobia pretty bad. I have panic attacks when I am in enclosed spaces. I had a dream that a spirit came to me and said that if I was in pain and I wanted to scream where I could not be heard that I was to meet her in a certain location. That certain location, where I became just a disembodied voice among other disembodied voices, was a rectangular box with ripples of white satin lining on all sides. My disembodied self was located in  the lower right corner of the box. I said, "I'm here," and the same spirit voice answered that she was also there from the upper right area of the enclosure. Then other voices began saying, "I'm here, too," and I freaked out- while simultaneously realizing that the spirit had more or less lured me into a casket of some sort!

I woke up having a panic attack and had to get out of bed and pace the house while trying to calm myself down. The image of the white satin lined box and feeling trapped, claustrophobic, isolated and anxious remained with me for almost an hour. The image of the "box" is still quite vivid in my mind. I am haunted by it now.

Last night I was in a dead sleep having a more pleasant dream when I felt sudden pain in my hand and woke up, startled. It only took me a moment to realize what the pain was- my little cat was snuggled up against my side, his back paw in the palm of my hand which is how he likes to sleep because his toe pads are cold at night. He was asleep, but when I jumped, he woke up. He had been having a nightmare and he'd rabbit-kicked the heel of my hand, digging his claws in and ripping my hand open in a couple places! I still wasn't absolutely sure exactly what had happened, what had woken me up as it had all blurred together but when I felt blood on my hand I muttered something and the cat shot off the bed as if the devil was chasing him. I got up and patched my hand up with antibiotic ointment and Band-Aids and then went back to bed. I'm pretty sure the cat had a nightmare and was dreaming that he was fighting another cat (he had been horsing around, mock wrestling and fighting with his big brother just before bedtime). My husband didn't wake up so I know it was no unusual noise or movement in the house that had startled the cat and woken me up. I went back to bed and a short time later the cat returned and snuggled up against me again and we were fine through the rest of the night.

I guess it was just a weekend for nightmares.

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