Friday, January 1, 2016

Life Skills

Life Skills, my November 2016 NaNo Novel is now available on and directly from me by contacting me at It is the story of Lissa Beresford, a young woman who has suffered abuse by her father. One night she cracks and spills her horror story to a young man who has had abuse issues of his own with whom she was paired in high school as his partner in Life Skills class. Remy Brice has carried a torch for her for years and he is not about to lose the girl he loves by allowing her to slip into the abyss. Together they navigate the muddy swirling waters that threaten to pull them apart. With the help of Remy's family and family friends Lissa follows a path they forge together toward a happier future. The novel includes a bonus Christmas story chapter which is a trademark of my novels/series.

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