Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Thought My Head Would Explode Today So I Am Venting Steam Tonight

I have a stressful day job and this time of year the stress level leaps to the top of Mount Crumpet and blows it's horn in my ear daily. The stress level increases when the people I work for fail to do their job which leads to the people they deal with calling my desk and screaming at me for failing to do something that I am entirely in the dark about because there is ZERO communication between those promising people things and me who has to deliver on those EMPTY promises because no one bothers to tell me anything! I WILL NOT take the blame for their screw-ups. I am laying the blame squarely back in their court where it belongs. They think they've got stress- try sitting in my cubicle for 8 hours and having people scream at you while you're sitting there first of all trying to guess who it is who is yelling at you because they don't come right out and say their names and obviously think you know who they are and why they're so pissed off; secondly trying to figure out exactly what they are so spitting mad about because many people are shockingly inarticulate and cannot say what they want or need in a comprehendible fashion and lastly thinking that you are going to spontaneously combust because now you're mad because you have to deal with these angry people all because NO ONE COMMUNICATES like they should even though we have what amounts to electronic messaging but these promise makers all bandy your name around quite freely while making these promises they can't even be bothered to clue you in that they've made....I am just so frustrated and angry because these are the same whiners who complain if you don't do something for them immediately and then you get yelled at for that too. What it apparently amounts to is I am supposed to take the blame for every screw-up that people who get paid a heck of a lot more money than I do make- well, not anymore. I'm fed up and disgusted. Today was the day that changed the course of how I deal with my co-workers... I feel better now? I really don't know. Like I used to tell one of my co-workers, the good part about being a writer is that if you have a really horrendous day you can always go home and kill the puppy ( a euphemism for killing off a character in a piece of fiction that you write, not a real puppy, of course! You can just create a miserable character and drop a piano on him or something and it makes you happy without actual harm coming to a real live person...
so please excuse me now...I am going to go kill the puppy.

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