Friday, January 22, 2016

Cupid's Darts- A Sweet Hearts Collection

I just finished putting together 14 short stories and a novelette in a collection for Valentine's Day. It is in the final proofing stage-awaiting proof copies. I'm thinking I might change the cover from red and pink to two shades of pink as right now with it's little cherub on the front it looks too much like a Christmas book!

I had fun putting this collection together. It includes two stories that I recently put up on wattpad- Tangerine Twist and The Best Man. In Tangerine Twist an unconventional girl spontaneously decides to attend the funeral of one of her former classmate's relatives. She and Beaman Rhys are light years apart on the society scale- she's barely earning a living and he's incredibly wealthy, but sparks unexpectedly fly at the wake where she creates a stir, and continue to smolder at the funeral and reception the following day, igniting a mutual passion.

In The Best Man a young man is paired with his married sister at his best friend's wedding- and he's bored. He's tired of bar pick-ups and casual dating now that his friend is settling down. His eye is caught by one of the servers at the reception and he begins flirting with her. His sister is aghast that he would do such a thing, and annoyed with him. The server, Daisy, whom he calls Pepper because of her red hair, is at first a little put off by all his requests but she accommodates him without comment. She goes off duty before the reception will end so he boldly invites her to go home, change into a dress and come back to dance with him- hoping that she will but not really thinking it will happen- but she surprises him.

A young woman trying to rush her sick puppy to the vet accidently locks him in her running car. She dials a wrong number trying to get help. The owner of the business she accidentally calls sends one of his employees who is a volunteer firefighter to assist her. With her car now out of gas, Billy takes her and Derby to the vet. All he asks in return is that she attend his stepbrother's wedding that afternoon as his date.

A window washer finds romance on the nineteenth floor of  skyscraper in the Window Washer.

A medical secretary is surprised when the doctor she works for celebrates Secretary's Day for the first time in the five years that she's worked for him.

A first grade teacher plans a special Valentine's Day party for her class but she is the one who receives the most special Valentine's Day surprise that day.

An office worker discovers who it is that makes the coffee in the office he enjoys every day.

A young woman who has a car in need of frequent repairs runs into the mechanic who works on her car at a coffee shop and discovers he has the ability to repair her love life as well as her car.

A construction worker looking for a massage parlor wanders into a bookstore when he reads the street number his co-worker gave him wrong-and finds the book shops owner to his liking.

An artistic, brooding college student finds the sunny free-spirited girl who works on the college literary magazine with him rather annoying in her always upbeat nature, but when he rescues her from an assault on campus and her light seems to have been extinguished he feels compelled to help reignite her bright flame.

A baseball player comes to the rescue of a reporter who covers the games when she is assaulted by a rival reporter, even though he's annoyed by her frequently taking his picture. He discovers an unusual bond with the girl when she goes missing and helps the police in their search for her.

A man returns to town in search of the girl he left behind after high school.

A young woman who's inherited a crumbling estate finds a partner in the restoration project when a ne'er-do-well young man has a bike accident on her property one dark and stormy night.

A widower takes a bride uniting two large Irish families.

An a young man helping his father plan his mother's funeral discovers that the creepy, morbid girl he knew in high school is a consummate professional in her family's business, and that she had a surprising connection with his late mother.

The collection should be out by Valentine's Day- available on and

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