Thursday, February 18, 2016

Boy, was she surprised....

My best friend from college days sent me an instant message last night. I'd given her a number of my books but she hadn't had time to read any of them- until this week after some surgery while she was home recovering. She said that she had read My Magical Life and then she wrote, "You are an awesome author!" (She sounded surprised!)

That certainly made my night.

Now I hope she has time to read one or two more of the books.

Every novel that I write is crammed full of practically non-stop ups and downs- they are emotional rollercoaster rides and there's usually a lot of action going on as well. I guess she thought I was pretty boring because I am the quieter one in this long time friendship. I suppose it's true, it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for because they're the observers, the listeners, the thinkers, the plotters and the writers. She's a do-er. When we were in college she was the ring leader, I was the minion. We still get along great together forty years later because we complement one another so perfectly. My daughter was fortunate to find that kind of bestie in her college roommate, too.

Anyway- I was happy to learn she liked My Magical Life.

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