Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

I used to love Valentine's Day in school in the 60's- making a shoebox mailbox to receive Valentines from classmates in, going around desk to desk to deliver my Valentines. Valentine's were corny, loaded with puns and had cute graphics back then. They weren't based on Disney characters and super heroes, although I think there were some Disney classic character cards with Mickey Mouse and Goofy, etc. on them but they cost a little more than non-character ones back then. So, feeling nostalgic today for those sweet little Valentine's from when I was young...

On Friday the 12th I gifted my good friends and co-workers with copies of my new book, Cupid's Darts: A Sweet Hearts Collection. Last evening I picked up my best friend to take her to a co-worker's baby shower and she told me she had started reading the book, had read three stories. Then she complained that when she got to the end of the stories she wanted them to go on, to know what happened next! I said, "Well, they're short stories so it's like you get a peek into the character's lives- the moment they met, the moment they rediscovered their love for one another, the moment they fell in's just a glimpse, not the whole story." She looked miffed, as if she'd been cheated! So I told her to read all fifteen stories and then tell me which one was her favorite and I would write an entire novel based on those characters and give her their whole story!

That might be interesting and fun!

Happy Valentine's Day to All!!

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