Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Job Today, No Job Today

The large insurance company that my husband works for started its slashing the gray hairs from the payroll firings for this year, an annual event (oh, excuse me, they call it job eliminations in impersonal corporate bullshit jargon) last week. He's known that what happened today has been coming because they have basically been maneuvering him into a position where they could easily boot him out the door since at least last year. Not being stupid, we'd already put two and two together quickly enough, but still, he went in to work every day and did his job even with the shadow of the axe hanging over his head. And he went in this morning prepared to work knowing that the IT area where he works was going to get shotgun sprayed with casualties today despite the stress overload in his life from the recent loss of his mother earlier this month. Unfortunately, he was one of the victims. He went to a meeting (that just appeared on his calendar for no reason) at 11AM and was out the door by noontime. What a thoughtful and considerate way to treat a longtime employee who has worked hard for the company for over 30 years- like he's yesterdays garbage. Just toss it out. He was basically told he can't talk about this but I don't have a gag order on me and I am furious that this company treats people like this- with callous disregard and no respect whatsoever. Corporate greed- pure and simple. They don't care about Americans and jobs. They are disgusting and a major reason why this country is failing economically. Americans are losing jobs and they are right there in the thick of it because people don't matter to them, only making more and more money matters.

Well, I'm glad he's out of there!

Now we need to pick up the pieces of our shattered life and start putting it all back together again. Not an easy thing to do when we're still dealing with grief and his elderly, frail father and my health issues and all the other things Corporate Asses fail to see because they only see numbers, not human beings.

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