Saturday, February 6, 2016

On Snow

I was out riding around with my husband this morning. We had about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday, a rarity here this winter. It was the sticky kind of snow that kids craze, the kind that you can pack tightly into snowballs, mold easily to build snow forts from and roll to make snowmen from. It's the kind of snow that clings in clots to the barren tree branches giving the world the look of having been caught in an explosion of a cotton ball factory. It's the kind of snow that clings to the overhead wires and falls in wet splats on your windshield and uncovered head as it melts. it's beautiful-absolutely beautiful. Picturesque. I love this kind of snow, even though it is also the kind of snow when combined with freezing rain wreaks havoc on my ornamental trees. Fortunately we didn't have the freezing rain part that glazes everything over.

Made Belgian waffles for breakfast this morning. The leftover waffles were torn to pieces and strewn across the back deck off the kitchen to make "birdie TV' for the cats to enjoy watching. Joh n and I went out for an hour and when we came back there was nary a crumb on the deck- you'd have never known there had been any waffle at all there- two big round waffles- vanished like magic! No word from either cat as to whether or not they had enjoyed the show, but there are nose smudges on the dining room window that may indicate their presence from this side of the glass! 

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