Saturday, February 20, 2016

Work Has Begun

Well, with the beginning of March quickly approaching it's time for me to start work on the Massachusetts State Button Society Bulletin, a usually 42-page magazine I have been producing for MSBS since 2007. This is my 10th year as editor and contributing writer. I'm thinking it might be time to step down as editor and let someone else do this for a few years before I burn out. I don't know what the longest length of time anyone has been editor for, but ten years is a long time in my opinion.

I also want to be ale to continue work on my own projects. I have two novels that I'm working on and two books put together that need some further editing and proofreading. I've accomplished way more than I had originally set out to do, but most of the books I self published in 2015 contain novels and stories I'd already write. Life Skills is new material since I wrote it in November as my NaNo novel. The two books I have to finish editing also have previous written material in them, not new work. The two novels I'm working on are new although they use characters from previous published stories (one from Yuletide Stories and one from Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume III.) I have  two other novels ready to be edited and prepared for publication. I'm clearing out my house of binders full of stories- just self publishing all the better stuff so I an have a dining room again and not a storehouse of stories!

But my own projects have to go on hold now as I work on the magazine that needs to be put together and ready for the April 16th MSBS show when they'll be distributed. The next month will be crazy with work, putting the magazine together and fitting in time to write my own stuff, but I'll get through it- althought my blogs may suffer from neglect due to time constraints! Sorry!

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