Thursday, September 8, 2016

Anonymous Today

Today was a family mental health day. John has been out of work now since February 24th and has been feeling discouraged and glum. Kelly has been working hard at her new position at UTAS and volunteering at the CT Trolley Museum on weekends. I've been running myself ragged at work where things have picked up since summer vacations are about over. So Kelly and I both took a vacation day today.

This morning she and John went to Brimfield to do some antiquing. I stayed home because my RA is still flaring and I just can't do that much walking anymore. So while they were off having fun I tackled some more cleaning in the living room and dining room, did a huge load of laundry, put together some things for the MSBS auction on the 17th, did up a little promotional poster for my author event on October 8th here in town, caught up on balancing the checkbook and did a little reading.

They were home for lunch and after eating we all went to New Hartford CT to do a little more antiquing. I found a book on the architecture of Northampton MA that has a picture of my favorite house- a Second Empire mansion at 289 Elm Street. It's the house I based my novel The Fairlawn Investigation in the Ghost Chasers series on. That house has been my favorite since I was a little girl.
Kelly found two walking sticks- one with a carved seal head, the other with a silver-plated head, and a book to training railroad firemen from the 1800's. John doesn't collect anything but he likes to look at old stuff.

Now we're home relaxing, having dinner, just having some quiet time. Tonight is a hair cut night for me.

Back to work tomorrow to catch up before the weekend. Looking forward to a week off later this year, but not sure when...late October? Early November?

Life is crazy when you can't even figure out when you can take a vacation!!


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