Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fat Boy...oh, dear!

Revere has been stress eating since John lost his job back near the end of February. He was 16 pounds and now I'm afraid to put him on the scale.

John has begun calling him FB for Fat Boy.

The reality of Revi's weight gain came to a head this morning when he walked from the bed onto my bedside table, a normal thing for him to do as he's waiting for me to reach over to hit the snooze button so he can swat my hand.

Only this morning, for some unknown reason, he jumped down into the corner, a kind of tight, small square area between the bedside table, the corner where the heat ducts meet and John's tall chest of drawers. There is a very narrow space between them that even skinny pin Riley Beans cannot fit through.

All I heard was a very soft, very humiliated, "Mew?"

This is not normal for usually very vocal Revere so I immediately threw aside the blanket, gt up and put on my glasses thinking he was sick. I really couldn't tell lying down where that soft, plaintive mew had come from. But as soon as I had my glasses on I saw him moving around in that little space, trying to figure out how to get out. There are a few things stored in that space so he didn't have the room to leap up onto the bed side table, plus the clock is there, and the cordless phone in its cradle.

I looked at him, he looked at me. I said, "Buddy, you need to go on a diet." He looked away because, of course, cat's can be embarrassed at times, and he certainly was that due to his predicament.

I had to pull the bedside table out and aside but there is just a narrow path up that side of the bed. He had to suck in his gut to squeeze through the widened gap I made for him. I then put the table back in place and laid down.

He jumped up onto the bed with dust bunnies clinging to his black fur, and stood with one paw on my chest as I plucked them off of him. He was purring, happy that I cared enough to get out of bed and rescue him when he was in such dire straits.

Of course as soon as Kelly got up I had to tell her what had happened to her cat!

He's now officially on a diet...not liking it, but he'll be a happier, healthier cat for it.

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