Thursday, September 15, 2016

As Autumn Approaches

As autumn rapidly approaches now that the heat and humidity of summer have abated (although the drought remains), it's time to think about my annual haunting tale with Halloween and All Soul's Night looming in the future.

Last year about this time we were on vacation in Maine and two stories were written- Prince Cyrus and We're Friends, Right?

This year I have a lot more on my mind with my husband still out of work and trying to find a new job, and Riley Beans not doing well healthwise. I also have a lot of things on my calendar whereas last year I had nothing pending.

My life has changed somewhat over the past year, but not drastically. I'm busier at work because the need for health care never ceases but the insurance rules and regulations constantly shift and change, and become more restrictive. I'm constantly looking for ways to get people what they need while insurances are constantly looking for ways to get the cheapest product paid for- and as anyone knows, cheap does not guarantee quality. It often means the quality is lacking, which is why it is cheap. When people are sick, hurting or in need of medical supplies they don't want something that's going to fall apart and fail them, yet that's what their insurance, that they pay for, wants them to have. It's very frustrating.

I'll jump off my health care sucks in this country soap box because that's not what this blog is about.

I'm turning my thoughts toward the annual haunting tale, or tales- depending on time constraints. This year there seems to be a demand for ghost stories. I started one last night about a young girl who begins to realize that she is seeing ghosts- people her parents cannot see. We'll see where that goes.

Meanwhile, I've put a little more polish on McCleary's Haunt in preparation for October 29ths Ghost Stories event and sent it off for inclusion in an anthology that will be printed to coincide with that event.

I also have my book reading/discussion and book signing for Miss Peculiar's Haunting Tales, Volume I coming up on October 8th. This book is a collection of 6 of my favorite haunting tales from years past. I've gone through and highlighted passages I might read. It's the talking about myself part that I'll find most difficult as I really haven't got a lot to say about myself. I've always been a private person, low key, easy going and quiet, even among my friends. I'm not J.D. Salinger reclusive but I'm not one to go around trying to get people's attention either. I need to find a comfort zone for sharing anything about my life, which includes encounters with ghosts and bad spirits and a poltergeist. I've also had one profound past life experience that happened when I was very young and very sick with scarlet fever. Those experiences come out in my writing, not in day to day conversations!

So, after this weekend's button show, and a Monday evening visit to the vet with Riley Beans I'll be buckling down to get the new haunting tales written. I never know what's going to emerge...Prince Cyrus was an unsettling surprise last year. I'm still not ready to discuss that one yet!!

Ah- good morning to the crow who comes and talks to me from the lowest branch of the oak tree just off the deck every morning and evening after dinner- looking for a piece of bread or whatever is around. He must listen for the back door to open. Crows are not stupid birds by any means!

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