Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Drought's Toll

We've had a drought this summer. The weather has been hot and humid or just plain scorching. The brook behind the house is bone dry. The lawn is toast. Flower wilted on the vine on the fence. Crops are less plentiful and the usual summer bounty is scant and smaller in size, tougher in texture due to the lack of water.

Today John and I took a drive north to Deerfield, MA. We noticed leaves are already yellow or brown on a number of trees along that route. On East Mountain Road there is a scarlet branch hanging near the roadside. I have a feeling the leaves will wither and drop sooner than normal this year.

We went to Williamsburg afterwards and again saw nothing but signs of dryness.

Tonight on the news they showed a reporter standing in a reservoir that normally would be twenty feet in depth, well above his head. There was water that amounted to the size of a large puddle int he reservoir. This is out near Worcester where they do not serve water in restaurants right now, unless a patron requests it due to water bans that have been put into place.

Ashley & McLean Reservoirs on the other side of the mountain from us are the lowest that I remember seeing them in decades.

It's all very alarming when you stop to consider that we all use water on a daily basis, we all consume water to survive. I'm not just talking about people. I'm talking about the wildlife, and the fish struggling to survive with such low water levels.

I'm trying to use less water on a daily basis, and I hope other people are conserving water as well. We need to do this right now. If you're wasting water then think about this- you're wasting water that could save someone else's life, that could sustain your family and friends. Your little oasis of green you call your lawn will come back when we get some rain. Grass is a weed, after all. Weeds survive.

Will you?

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