Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Riley Beans is Sick

My five-year old long-haired grey and white kitty, Riley Beans, the sweetest little guy in the world, is sick. We had him at the vet's last night for fluids, blood work and an x-ray. He's always had bowel issues as well as dental issues. He was labeled a "chronic" when we adopted him from the rescue shelter but we took him home anyway to give him the best possible life we could. When faced with having ALL his teeth pulled at six months old due to juvenile gingivital hyperplasia we took him home to think about that. A little fella with NO teeth was just not sitting well with us, but we had to make a decision because his gums were growing over his teeth and absorbing them. Something needed to be done.

His incredible vet did his own thinking and decided to try laser gum surgery on Riley before sending him to the vet dentist for full mouth dental extractions. He was willing to take a risk by lasering the gums back and pulling the few damaged teeth, and seeing what happened from there. The vet told us he would either outgrow the condition or eventually have to have his teeth pulled when his gums got inflamed and grew back over his teeth. We took him home and he's had annual dental cleanings and care and he's only had to have two other teeth pulled since then.

But he's always had chronic constipation and slow motility in his intestines. He's long-haired so he's also had his share of hairballs. It's only in the past month that his condition has worsened. He's lost over two pounds and is not passing much if any stool. We were given Laxatone, but trying to get him to take it has been no picnic. He's not eating or drinking. We should have taken him for another fluid bolus this evening but my husband scared him half to death and he hid under the king sized bed and would not come out. I'm not a happy camper this evening. Feeling incredibly stressed right now.

I will run him over to the vet in the morning for fluids if he doesn't get scared under the bed again. It's getting to the point where additional vet care is critical. I guess I am the only responsible person in this house and will have to do this by myself.

Please keep little Riley Beans in your thoughts...he's very sick right now.

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